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Virginia Madsen •• Career PhotographyHer career through the years since 1983 in movies like Electric Dreams, Fire with Fire, Modern Girls, The Hot Spot, Candyman, Artworks, Sideways, Firewall, The Astronaut Farmer, The Number 23, The Haunting in Connecticut, Red Riding Hood and more. It also contains pictures from television films and series as well as pictures of her on documentaries, short films and voice work. The photos range from various different movies she had starred in throughout her movie career from the many years she has been acting. Be sure to browse through this selection of captures.
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Virginia Madsen •• Public AppearancesVirginia Madsen has always been the center of public attention for over 25 years. This category contains pictures of Virginia from public appearances, movie premieres,film festivals, award shows, pre-party gift suite/lounge's and many other types of events. The photos range from various different years where you can view her most recent events to her growing up. Be sure to browse through this selection of appearances.
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Virginia Madsen •• Photoshoot SessionsOn this category, you will find amazing photos taken by professional photographers. Studio photoshoots, portraits and outtakes usually for magazines or promotional purposes for various movies. Please be sure to browse through this selection of professional photos.
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Virginia Madsen •• Candid PhotosThe paparazzi photos where Virginia Madsen spends time off-scenes with her family and friends to various places.This category has candid pictures of Virginia out and about in different cities, states, traveling, shopping, relaxing, eating, partying, on the beach and more.
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Virginia Madsen •• Magazine ScansA huge collection of Virginia Madsen scans from various magazines featuring her at their covers, having interviews with her or reviews about her projects and more clippings. All the scans range from various different years where you can catch up on recent articles or get caught up with all the old but still interesting articles about Virginia Madsen and her projects.
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Virginia Madsen •• ScreencapturesA lot of screencaptures all capped by the webmiss of virginia-madsen.org (otherwise stated). This includes captures from appearing on award ceremonies, interviews, talk shows & other random captures. (Movie captures and press junket can be found at the career photography section.
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Virginia Madsen •• Miscellaneous PhotosPictures of random things related to Virginia Madsen. From personal photos from twitter, instagram and others that simply don't fit anywhere else. Please be sure to browse through this selection of miscellaneous photos and fan arts created by her fans.
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